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We want you to experience the best home care products the industry has to offer.

We have been searching and experimenting with several brands and we finally found the products that reflect our beliefs in professional quality and environmentally conscious responsibility.

Be sure to discuss with your stylist and beauty advisor what the best choice would be for your hair and skin.



Kevin Murphy comes from Australia and is a fashion focused line born in the session styling environment. Kevin Murphy offers shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aids designed for every type of hair. With the choice of the right product you will look like you just stepped off the catwalk. The products are made from natural and sustainable resources, containing natural oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants.




A truly pure line, Davines was born in Italy and has the environment in mind in the choice of the ingredients they use. They strive to use only natural ingredients and non toxic and bio degradable packaging.

Natural Tech is a line that addresses different scalp and hair problems. From the  fusion of technology and aromatherapy principles, products that alleviate    stressed scalp were born. In the creation of Natural Tech “we remained true to the concept of sustainable development, using new technologies with proven increased safety for  both man and environment”.



“Dedicated to the ancient spa tradition, SpaRitual is committed to creating multi-purpose eco-friendly products and packaging – perfectly crafted for the enlightened consumer, using vegan ingredients from around the world, that are specially sourced, certified organic and fair trade. The formulations are also naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes.”

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