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We all know how important it is to have a skin beauty regime! Our hair needs the same attention as we are exposed to a multitude of external factors(pollution, product build up, hard or soft water etc) plus color has become such a normal part of our life and with it come a lot of problems(dryness, elasticity loss, porosity etc)

Let us help give your locks the lustre  and beauty it deserves!


DAVINES TREATMENTS 40 on their own or 15 added to a service




Perfect for oily, itchy and flaky scalp, for hair prone to thinning, or for grey hair that has lost its shine




Containing hyaluronic acid this treatment will give back elasticity to your hair making your locks feel smoother, softer and bouncier.




Great for hair that has been chemically and mechanically processed. During these types of processes the hair fibre is damaged , so we need to rebuild its strength by infusing it with keratin




Great to restore the moisture balance in your hair, it will help to eliminate static, frizziness  and will make your hair feel soft and shinny



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