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It is our mission to harness the creativity and passion of our people. To provide unparalleled customer service in a warm and friendly space.

At Zoom Hair Studio the foundation of our operation lies in communication and integrity. We are committed to education and creating a platform from which to advance skill and be a vehicle for growth and achievement.

Through the development of our people to the ways we give back to the community, we are committed to the service of our clients.
It is from this foundation that we create our unique business.



Our dedicated team is trained to the highest level in their field and are passionate not only about creating beautiful hair but providing you with both the knowledge and tools to be able to replicate your look at home. This means you are not only going to love your hair when you leave the salon but you will love it every day till your next appointment..

Our aim is to constantly improve our service and standard in our field going above and beyond to wow our clients.
Our philosophy is simple… impeccable service, passion and innovation!



We have chosen a selection of what we believe to be some of the best care and colour products on the market today. These products have been chosen to reflect our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising on performance.

  • Monitor chemical Waste achieved through careful colour management;
  • We recycle all packaging, bottles, plastic, paper and cardboard;
  • We re-use all our paper(both sides);
  • Our retail bags are unbleached brown paper bags;
  • Energy efficient lighting as much as we can ;
  • Our room temperature is always stable so we don’t over-use air-conditioning;
  • We offer clean colour and haircare technology in professional colour and at-home hair care that offer healthier solutions by way of the ingredients they use;
  • We avoid using heavy solvents wherever possible, opting to create our own simple fluid using vinegar and water and choosing eco-friendly cleaning products;
  • Personally, we try to avoid using take away food containers, disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles.

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